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02:17am 05/05/2005
  i got a pet Columbian Boa. His name is Chong. He is likea foot to 1.5 ft. He will grow to be like 10 to 13 feet!  
02:11am 05/05/2005
  Ill be in town the 14th and 15th. call me if you want to say whats up and smoke or somethin. 210-287-0103. Im going to snoop doog on the 14th. Holla  
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11:48am 20/04/2005
  Happy 4:20  
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08:34pm 25/12/2004
  I just read this sotry about a lady who killed a woman, cut her open, took her child. The child fucking lived! Then the lady went and showed off the child as her own...what the fuck....that is worse than fuckin charles manson. This world is getting more and more fucked up every day. SOoooooooooooooooooooo


Hope you enjoy your holidays, be safe, and get chrunk!
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HOME AGAIN!!!!!   
11:15pm 18/12/2004
  Back in San Antonio. What a relief. I love my home town so fucking much, its pathetic. Last night i went out to the white rabbit for DJ Dara. Got to watch my homeboy Adam (MC Stryder) MC for Dara which was bad ass. Matt got to spin fire inside the rabbit that was cool. And i got to dance with all of my firneds that i love so much. I had a bad ass fucking time. Also met this sexy little thing named Tamara. Damn sexy little girl right there, all about her. She seems very cool....yeah...damn..sexy little girl.

But anyways it was awesome.

Today went out to the River with some frinds. That was fun. I enjoy being back in san Antonio. I like not haveing to worry about aligators when i go near the water. I like the weather, although, i wont lie, the weather in florida is better. I think. But this is my home town and this is what i know and love. So All in all, im really fuckin glad to be back in town.

I feel a much more positive vibe with the people here and much more love always...im so happy to be back in town.

And damn that girl is sexy!
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FUCKIN-A, Man What the FuCk!   
09:03pm 27/11/2004
  Since ive come to Florida, Ive Managed to lose:

-My Girlfriend
-Gangster (my cat)

My cat got smeered across two lanes of road behind my house....Do you know how much that fucking sucks.

What the Fuck man.

Losing my girlfriend, like yah that sucked, but whatever, that was ineffediable, that crazy bitch and her family.
But then when my brother fuckin bailed on me that really fuckin sucked..you know its like now i cant even like hang out with my brother and be like, you remember that time back home or anything like that. LIke ll the people down here are my friends but fuck them..there not here to stay, were all here for the same fuckin reason, and once that is accomplished i dont expect those people to be around...but i done knot it just really sucks, cause now i feel like im here all alone...

..then my cat...my fuckin cat...i still think he is going to come home, but i know he is not...
Like if i felt down and just wanted to be away from people i could just chill with my cat Gangster you know...this fuckin sucks...

Ill be home soon.

Life sucks, cant wait to get my degree and start traveling.
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Some new news   
03:35pm 17/11/2004
mood: accomplished
So my brother dropped out of school and bailed back to home.

So now i have anew room-mate, my friend Kristin, nice girl.

We live in a 2 story Duplex, in a nice little neighborhood.

I have a new room that i like alot instead of liveing in the living room with my brother, although id rather be living with my brother. But whatever...

...Anyways though i have 2 closets in my room and a bathroom in my room with a seat that you can relax on in the bathtub. Its sexy as fuck...

Well im supposed to be in class so peace the fuck out....
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07:11pm 18/10/2004
  Islands of Adventure and and Universal Studios are the mother fuCKING SHit. Fuckin' A' yo, this shit is fucking insane. I can not even describe to you the amount of insanity they put into this fuckling park. No park back home is like this. Just the extent that they go to, just for the scenery is fucking insane. And then the 3D rides...what the fuck, they will fuckin blow you mind. I fed a few grams of fungus to my brother, i can only imagine the world he saw, i member wright as we walked in to doctor seuss land my brother jsut stopped in "awww". THe colors are insane....

Anyways it was the fuckin shit and after that we went to the Bob Marley store/bar/restraunt. ha Ha, fuckin awesome. There is much more to say but right now i have to go set up a monitor console, Front of Hosue console, monitors, and what not. I enjoy setting up sound, for a grade, but my class is gone so peaceeee
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Goldie and AK1200   
08:14pm 21/09/2004
  Went to the Goldie and AK1200 show last night. Ak1200 was a disappointment, he has defiently gone down hill since i have last seen him. That and also they had the highs way to high in the sound system, it hurt my ears, but the bass was awesome.

Anyways it was fuckin' fun still. I got to get out there and dance all night. Even though must everyone there wasnt dancing, fuck them though.

Well im off to go home, up at the school right now, just got out, always in school. Ohh yeah my birthday is in like 3 days. Hmm...i dont think im doing shit for my birthday this year, maybe some b-day blunts and beer, but thats about it.
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School School School!   
03:31pm 16/09/2004
  Always in Fuckin' School. But i dont mind cause i enjoy it quite a bit. right now im in Lab, we just finished making sound FX and music for a trailer from the Sky Captain and the World of Tommorrow. Finished that though a few days ago, so right now im making beats. Fuck yeah. I love being surrounded by a musical enviortment at school.

So anyways other than school, life has been pretty basic, just getting high and drinkin here and there.

I want to get high right now....i wish i could smoke herb in school.....
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02:47pm 04/09/2004
  Ohh how fuckin good it feels to be home. It's feels like its been awhile, ive only been gone 3 months, but still . It feels like awhile.

Last night i got to party with some of my closest friends and it was very nice. It was just nice just to be able to hold my friends. Last night we all just went to first friday, but only stayed there for a little bit, and left. Went back to Cassi's, drnak a little bit and then we went to this club called liek the Bonim' or somethin. Anyways, i was not told that this was a gay club until i got there. How the fuck was i supposed to know, it was 4 girls that i went with. So all in all, i did not let go of those girls the entire time i was there. It was crazyness, but the club was cool, but we only chilled there for awwile until we just went back to cassi's to drink a little more. After that jsut went and layed down in bed with cas and talked for hours until like finally 6 am or so rolled around and we finnally crashed out. It was nice. IM fuckin glad to be home.

But tuesday i go back. as long as the hurricane didnt take away my apt. IN the mean time ill just be here in San Antonio smokin' and drinkin'. If you want to holla at me while im in town my number is 287-0103. Peace out playas'.
01:55pm 01/09/2004
mood: high
What a fuckin' joy, i got my first Tattoo. I can not even describe how fucking awesome of a feeling it was. It was like and amazind 200 dollar, 2 - 3 hour massage on my back...mmmmm... Cant wait to invest in another one! Sometime ill try and post a picture or somethin.

On another note...I think i am going home for a few days, just cause we have break for 4 days, and well fuck i want to go home! I want to see my friends, see my dog, smoke some blunts, and drink a 40. Just take a load off, i cant wait to just get home and relax. Ive only been down here for probly like 3 months almost, but still...i want to just go home and visit.

Ohh and right now in school all im doing, besides learing about music, multimedia, all i do in lab is make beats, and songs, its the fuckin' shit. Im diggin it so far.

last of all there is another hurricane..."probaly" coming here. Either or i dont want to wait around for it and see if it comes...fuck that. Not really in the mood for no electricity!

Well if you live in San Antonio...hopefully ill see you soon! Peace!
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02:44pm 18/08/2004
  Today is Wensday, Since Friday the 13th i have not had power in my apt. No fuckin fridge, no fuckin AC, no fan, no light, no stove, no microwave, no hot water no FUCKIN ELECTRICTY. This shit is fuckin riddclious. Finnally though last night my power got turned on! FUCK YEAH! Youll have no fuckin idea how orgasmic it was to sleep in a cold bed insted of sweating your nuts off all night long. This shit has sucked. All we did though the entier time was just get drunk and high. There wasnt shit else you could do. Just hang out, Bar-B-Q some steaks, bust out the acoustic guitars a few beers and some blunts and we were on our way.

All in all I had fun with no electricty for the first like ehh 2 days, but day 3, 4, and 5 really strat to fucking suck. Espcially when even though i had no fuckin power my school did. Therefore i had to attend school to take a quiz at 9 in the morning...i suppose they expected us to study by candle light...FUCK THAT! Going to school with electricty and coming home to NO electricty fuckin sucks.

Then just on top of all this shit going on around here, i got my girlfriend back home stressing me out...Fun Fun Fun.

Sometimes i jsut want to go home. Just to relax, be with my friends, see San Antonio, my dog, my family, my life. I miss it all...but at teh same time, i know im here in Florida for a good reason...to get a real job, not just spending the rest of my lif trying to get by one day at a time, wandering if im going to have enough money to take care of my addictions and my bills. Nah, fuck that shit. Im here to get my life together...so for right now, im going to try and push all this negativity aside, and have a more positive mind set. No negativity mon', think positivly!

On a side note, the vibe i get from Florida, sucks. The people here...i dont know, its not my people..i need to travel. I cant wait!
Peace to my Homies   
01:36pm 01/08/2004
mood: high
What's up all you mother fuckers out there that still read this shit. After the years spent on this fucking website i would have thought you fuckers would have dropped this shit a long time ago. So for those of you still readin this is for you guys. You are all greatly missed. I live in fuckin florida now, and its is pretty fuckin crazy. It's not to much diffrent from ol' texas, but it defiently has its perks. Like that everything isnt fucking hours away. I can get to Cocoa Beach in about 45 minutes. cant do that shit in texas.

Anyways all i been doin down here is goin to school, gettin' high and a little drunk and chillin. School consumes most of my time except on the weekends when i try to squeeze in a little bit of partyin. There is a big music scene here, but when it comes to "raves" it is minimal. Not that there not around, just what i have found has mostly just been drum and bass. I like it, but i dont really dance to it, and i miss dancin. Ohh and swag down here is fuckin expensive, in texas you may pay 40 to 50 for an ounce here you pay 75 to 80 to 90 or even a bill.

Either or, im about to get drinkin ill right more later. Peace out all my gangsta's
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Gettin bored...   
10:43pm 29/03/2004
mood: high
Life has been pretty intresting lately but for some reason i feel very bored with it. I really want to move to florida for college and cant wait for it to happen. But until then im not sure what to do with my life for this time being.

Recently ive been haveing fun though i went down to South Padre for spring break and got so fucked up it waws great. We went and hit up mexico and went and took a shot and then drank a corona, then we grabbed a bottlwe of jack on are way across the border passed out on the way back to padre , next thing i know i wake up and all i see is red and blue. We got pulled over trashed out of our fuckin' minds but it was all good, no one got arrested when we got pulled over. Except my freind louie did get arested, and after being hancuffed, he calmy said to the officer,"Fuck yo' couch nigga', im Rick JAMES BiTCH!" It was funny, i lauged. And everyone in padre had a bad ass time. We saw the Crystal Method the first night we got there on a floating stage, for only 10 dollars it was fuckin bad ass. Also bought some bad ass pipes and bongs while down there, cause right now in san anotnio you cant buy and pipes or bongs. Its all good though, went to austin yesterday to buy a pipe, got this bad ass dragon piece. Cant describe it, fuckin crazy, and my brother got a Zong Bong. Very nice. But anyways padre was bad ass, got tore' up, fuckin great.

But for some reason life still seems fuckin boring. I cant wait to live in florida, where ill live an hour away from datona beach, and 6 miles away from orlando. It'll be fuckin dope. But untill then i guess ill just sit around here and get high...
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Fo' shizzle my nizzle   
11:49pm 08/02/2004
mood: high
Ohh yeah i forgot to say, I forgot to say i also saw snoop dogg in concert. It was fuckin bad ass.
Small update...   
11:45pm 08/02/2004
mood: high
Well i got a digital camera so maybe some day i will post a picture on livfe jouranl. Other than that i think im going to move to florida to go to college, ma ybe to get into computer animation. Also trying to get a job at a gas station, im tired of my job.
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11:30pm 12/01/2004
mood: high

Life's been pretty chill lately.

I dont smoke as much pot and cigs as i used to anymore. Yay me. My lungs hurt so badly.

I got my nipples pierced. Most intence pain of my fucking life. I had 2 piercers do it at the same time, they told me it would be better like that. I almost passed out...ive never been fucked up off pain like that. And i can take a lot of fuckin' pain. They told me though that actually it is more painful for guys than it is girls. I dont know, but fuck that hurt. It was weird. But now they dont really hurt after having them for about a week now.

Other than that life has been simple, im trying to get my life a little more on track. Going to register for my ged tommorrow. Went to do it today but they only do it on tuesdays. Also goin to get my licence soon. Woo hoo, beware i will be driving the streets of texas. Also i think im  goin to get the fuck out of this state and maybe pursue college in florida. Right outside of Miami.

I want to travel.

Life has become to boring.

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08:06pm 29/11/2003
  I find it kinda funny, I find it kinda sad, that the dreams in which im dying are the best ive ever had  
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Just a line   
10:55pm 08/10/2003
  I saw this on a friends journal annd i just really felt like posting the first 3 lines of it.

Well you didn't wake up this morning
'Cause you didn't go to bed
You were watching the whites of your eyes turn red

---thats all
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